Six months of missing


Six months ago today our lives were changed forever.
As much as they hurt, memories of the phone call, the fog, the pain wash over me as I remember that unforgettable day.

Isaac, do you have any idea how much a part of our lives you were? Your smile and humor lightened my days, your quest for truth and passion for honesty have changed the way I look at those around me and God. Your love for beauty and splendor have opened my eyes to a whole new element of perfection.

Now you are experiencing a whole new realm of perfection. The stain of sin is gone from the world around you, and yes, even from your own heart. All glimmers with the holiness of your Father, whom you can SEE and TOUCH. I am so eager for the day when we can join you. When you will grasp us by the hands and tear around the New Jerusalem and show us all you have discovered. What fun it will be to discover once again by your side.

You have at last encountered the reality you so desired.

You are free.


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