The Rest in Truth


I flipped open the newspaper and briefly scanned the headlines.
My eyes fell on an article titled, “Happily Ever, After Divorce.” She was happier now, she claimed, no longer shackled to someone who restricted her ideals. Both of her parents had moved on in life and found new partners, better suited than the previous ones. Life and happiness, it seemed, is an evolutionary process where what makes us happy and fulfilled is always changing.
And we need to evolve with it, in order to find who we were meant to be.


I put the paper down and felt sick in my stomach.
What a loss. What a lie.
I just celebrated my twenty-ninth birthday with this amazing man that I promised to love and cherish six years ago. My birthday was full, from the moment I woke up to the glorious final moments in the mountains. Full of gratitude. Of realizing how very RICH I am. My life is surrounded with true friends. My family. My friends. My two hilarious kiddos. But I thought mostly about the blessings of God.
Of his truth.
And the blessings that come from following his principles.

Do you know what Daniel did for my birthday morning? He took me garage-saling. I know. Not his choice of top five activities. But he did it cause he knows I love it. He did his morning run early while the kids and I enjoyed the sunrise out on the lane. After we hit a few garage sales, we grabbed a box of donuts and enjoyed them in a park. I knew Daniel had big plans for the evening, but I really wanted Weston and Tirzah to know that they were included in  my big day.


For supper, Daniel took me to The Melting Pot.
It was “out of our league” and we giggled as we drove past the valet car parker and parked our own car, with car seats and shopping bags filling the back seat. We followed the server to our table and slid behind onto our bench. I looked around this dimly-lit, elegant restaurant, with the pot steaming in front of me. Water glittered in our cups, and our food boiled cheerfully in front of us. It was exquisite.
But I really felt like a small girl who had been handed a shiny penny.

Who keeps looking at the glittering object in her hand.
Rubbing it.
Feeling the smooth edge.
Knowing I am the richest person in the world.
And delighting in knowing this was mine,
for keeps.


My relationship with Daniel isn’t just a phase of my evolution. I won’t find liberty in “shedding” him, in “freeing” myself. We aren’t gonna move on when we get tired of each other. We don’t have an expiration date.

Sure. We ARE happy. We aren’t wishing we weren’t together. But I’ve been delighting in the security, and the freedom that we experience in agreeing with God. That marriage is for life. That truth is what HE says it is. And that if and when He shines light on an area of my life, I take his word as truth.
And change to conform to his image.


Recently we watched a debate between John McArthur and a spiritualist, a hindu and a Catholic priest on “Good vs Evil.” It was chaotic to see all the interpretations of “truth”… The spiritualist kept talking about how she “felt” and how she sensed this and that… While they didn’t all believe in the Bible, it was almost funny to see how they ALL kept using scripture to prove a point. If, that is, it proved their point. But for most of them there was no basis for universal truth. Chaos reigned as each tried to describe why they came to their own conclusions.
They felt. They rationalized. They argued.


I have been thinking lately, how freeing it is to have God’s word.
How liberating not to have to decide what is moral and what isn’t. Truth is what God says, and not what I rationalize. Or what I feel. This expression of God’s heart is here, for me to dive deep into and compare my life with. If it casts a light on some shadow, I don’t have to push it away and explain why its good.

God is truth.
And I can rest in that.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Leeny says:

    Love this, dear friend!!! I think you have described ‘joy’. I would take that any day over mere happiness. 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    This is beautiful..

  3. Rachel says:

    What a precious security you give your children who never have to imagine “what if”. Your permanent commitment to each other and to God is a safe place for them too.

  4. Thank you for the reminder, God is truth! Too often I try to sort my questions and fears on my own, forgetting to take it to Jesus. Beautiful pics too. Leanne

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