Freedom Song

Meet “Freedom Song.”
Meet a dream.  A longing to spread the glorious freedom that is found in Christ.
And meet a bunch of real life people, who don’t necessarily have that much experience singing.
Or working in prisons. But want to be used.

So here we are.

It all began last year when Daniel and his brother in law spent a weekend in NYC
at a conference at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.
The messages were beautiful, and timely, and a God send.
But the thing that seemed to keep ringing in Daniel’s heart was
the choir, the singing, the way God used them to minister.
He came home with a longing to be able to touch lives in that way,
to be able to go into prisons, to share with those who have no hope.

Shortly after that he went to a prison crusade in SC and came away with the same thing, only stronger in his heart.
Then just a few months ago, we met a man that works with the crusades,
and he told us how short they were on volunteers.
That in fact there was a whole wing of a FL prison that wouldn’t be covered in an upcoming crusade
unless God would miraculously provide more volunteers, and more ministry teams.

There we were. We knew that this was our chance. And the doors flew open.
This group of 11 people came together quickly.

But I won’t lie.
It’s been hard. We aren’t necessarily musical geniuses. And the timing on some of the songs is hard, really hard.
But last practice I felt something changing. We are starting to “feel” the songs.
A strength that God will give us what we need.

I’m grateful that this is God’s project.
I’m thankful that he is willing to use imperfect humans to share his hope.
I’m so thankful for those of you who are praying for us as we prepare…
Please continue to do so. Cause we really need it.

The words this morning these words keep singing in my heart,
“He who has begun a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.”

This is HIS dream.
HIS perfect plan.
That He is already praying about it, and praying for those by name who will hear what we share…

And I can rest in the fact that not only will He help us get past the technicalities
but enable us to be channels through which His Spirit can flow and touch lives.


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