Under my fig tree…

It was one of those moments. I opened the Bible and smoothed the pages in front of me.
My eyes took in the letters and words that I have been reading since I learned to read years ago.
But I didn’t want an old inspiration. An old train of thought.
I felt that soul longing for something personal, fresh, alive.
To meet my need, now.

The Word was there in the beginning. Became flesh.
I should be getting more, something deeper out of this.
But I kept reading, and then there it was.
Talking to me, today. Here in my tenderness. 

Nathaniel leans back on the fig tree, taking in the familiar view in front of him.
This tree, this place of familiarity.
Of honesty, where he comes to search his soul, and talk to God. To listen.
I connect.
The view from my living room window,
where my eyes look when I’m sitting on the couch, Bible in hand.
Those trees, now bare and cold, have been my constant witnesses on this journey.
This longing. This growth. And Nathaniel had that same place.
Of seeking. Seeking for truth, and for God.

And then Jesus meets him, and the first words out of Jesus’ mouth are,
“Look! Here is a true Israelite, a man of honesty!”
The curse of dishonesty, passed down from Jacob long ago, has haunted mankind relentlessly.
But here was a man wanting truth. Reality. A true connection with God.
Doing whatever it takes to free himself of the net of dishonesty.
And Jesus noticed it right away.

Imagine your first encounter with Jesus being this.
Where he smiles, and looks deep in your heart and sees beauty.
It’s so personal. So life changing. So full of hope and promise.

But He wasn’t finished. Nathaniel stutters out some question about how Jesus knew him.
And there, Jesus blew him, blew me, away.

“While you were still sitting there, under the fig tree, I saw you.”
Here, in my familiar place of seeking, He is with me.
Suddenly He doesn’t reside far above the naked tree tops in a cold winter sky,
but on the couch beside me, tucked under my blanket, reading the words over my shoulder.
He sees my need, my surroundings, the unspoken longings of my heart.
And then He speaks a beautiful prophecy over me,
“Child, here in this place, in My presence,
you will see heaven opened and the things of eternity revealed.”


I look down at the page, and realize it is the same page that I opened and sighed over.
Words that I had read a million times, and grasped for more…
The sigh is replaced with a smile, a warmth in my heart.
My steps are suddenly light. Cause here, under my fig tree, He is with me.
And He delights in me.


7 thoughts on “Under my fig tree…

  1. I really enjoy your “ramblings!” They are so VITAL somehow, that one feels as if one is experiencing your “doings” with you – and the children and your lovely husband. With much love, Ann Montagne

  2. I just came here and caught up with your blog/your life. Hugs and wishful thoughts of chatting over steaming cups of chai!

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