Listening for grace…

I did it. Again.
Spoke strongly how I felt, cause I did feel strongly.
I’ve been there, lived there, felt that, so of course I know.

 But there it was, again.
That prick.
That piercing into the tender place in my heart, beyond the callous of experience.
My Father said, “Really?”
I know so well.
I have my own set of answers.
Or at least it sure seems that I do.

But there is this drawing.
This calling.
This journey of life jam-packed with unexpected turns,
and each moment is an opportunity to walk in my understanding, or His.
To choose to see this moment through my understanding, my eyes, my filters, or His. 
This song, luring me out of my comfort zones and comprehension.
The invitation to sit at His feet with a receptive heart,
with no bias tainting my understanding. 

The word GRACE has been courting my heart, haunting my days,
pulling me into a new element of life.

“God’s abilities poured down through real people.”
God’s heart manifested through needy people, like me.


This morning I feel very, very small.
SO full of those rash opinions.
My personality.
MY understanding.
But I’m blown away by His tenderness.
His wisdom of letting me bumble around and think I know.
His letting me make mistakes.
And then His mercy of new mornings each day, unmarred by my sloppy handwriting.

It takes humility, this walking in grace.
It takes listening, choosing to hear to His voice over my rationale.
It takes perspective, seeing myself so small before a perfect and all-knowing God.
And it takes Him pouring Himself out on me, moment by moment.

Mind blowing, this God that chooses to pour Himself through imperfect people.
To think, He is just waiting to breath life into my each moment,
each word, each attitude.

So here is to your day of grace, and mine.
Here are open, unclenched hands, a heart that keenly feels its need.
Here is to your day of amazing moments of watching God flow through you.
Because of who He is. 


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