Nine years…


I opened my eyes and he whispered, “Happy Anniversary!”
My sleepy eyes looked into his and we smiled. The brown curly headed angel sleeping between us sighed in her sleep, and he gazed at her proudly… There is something so amazing about watching the man you love father your children.


Nine whole years… Years of more joy than I could imagine.
Even in seasons of such deep loss that I could hardly take a breath, he was always there, holding me.


Daniel has been such a tower of strength and stability.
A calm when life felt so uncertain. A joy when tears were my only language.
Daniel has been such a safe, safe place. He has illustrated so well who God is to me.
Daniel, you have been God’s hands and feet to me.


Marriage gets messy.
Living with someone day to day has a way of pulling out of you those hidden issues you wanted to pretend weren’t there.

Being married forced me to see how selfish a creature I was. I am.
But this man has taken me, loved me, forgiven me, and carried me away in his passion for life, and for God.
Having kids, sharing a bathroom, a bed, a life…
It takes sacrifice. It takes grace. It takes humility.

And Daniel has done it well.


He has many demands resting on his shoulders. But he takes time to grab those little moments with the children, to make them laugh, to kick a soccer ball around. To be more than a father, he is establishing a relationship with them. He is a Daddy.



Here is to many more years together.
More camping trips, and beach trips.
To dates to Lowes and family suppers at Domingo’s.
To comfortable silence as we sip coffee together, to laughing at our crazy kiddos,
to perhaps adding a few more rambunctious ones to the bunch.
And of course, to endless love.

Daniel, You are my dream come true.

And as always, special thanks to for her skill and ability
to catch those little moments in life that are really the big ones.


11 thoughts on “Nine years…

  1. Melissa, I noticed your anniversary on my calendar this morning and how the memories flooded in! Can’t quite summarize the nine years here… But thankful for Jesus Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Love you both.

  2. I remember well all the excitement there was at church when You two started courting 🙂 the story was beyond precious. Your wedding was incredibly moving and one I have not forgotten. You are so right about how our husbands are God’s hands, feet & heart to us wives. This is humbling & healing all at the same time.
    Happy Anniversary !!!!!

  3. Sweet, happy tears, Melissa. I love to “watch” you two love each other. It’s a precious, beautiful thing!
    And I’m totally melted by those beach pictures, especially the one of Tirzah with her daddy. She trusts and adores him, and that’s one of the best gifts a little girl could ever have!

  4. Happy anniversary! Reading this took me back to where your courtship began, among the roses and candles and rapid heart rates. 🙂 Daniel was so excited! And Isaac was trying to start letting you go… I cherish those memories so much; thanks for letting me be a part! Love you both.

  5. May God bless & guide you- & your marriage- as you continue to use your gift with words for His glory.

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