But God…

He picked blackberries, which gave him an idea.
He got the ice cream out, and scooped it into a small bowl.
He pulled a frozen fruit slush from the freezer.
He mixed “mocha” chocolate milk, and added a straw.
He ran to the yard and pick flowers, and arranged it all so beautifully. 
Then he brought it upstairs where the baby and I were resting and presented his masterpiece…

Later he told me it was a thank you for “all the messes” I clean up.


Lately motherhood has been hard. The messes have reached into every area of my life. Attitudes and spilled milk, unkind words and childish squabbles. I’ve been broken and needy and ever so aware of my failures. The tears have almost equaled the joys. BUT GOD.

I love how He changes the whole story. Turns right side up what has flipped onto its head. Breathes life into what is old and dry. Brings hope when our failures leave us gasping and shattered.

Motherhood is an invitation to lean hard into God, and find He IS always enough. 


5 thoughts on “But God…

  1. After we gave up our plans for the evening, I read this with a crying newborn and a needy two year-old vying for my lap and attention. Your last sentence says it all! ❤

  2. Thank you Melissa! I needed this refreshing inspiration tonight. Today was one of those super messy days when everything seems to go wrong, and the two littlest people, by all appearances, spend the better part of their play time fabricating an endless stream of nothingness to squabble about.
    I needed to be reminded that GOD is enough. That He can change these messy attitudes, and breathe life into the old and dry.

  3. Beautiful. Sometimes I can’t look beyond the day…. needing to be faithful for just one HOUR even. .His grace is sufficient, and I am so grateful. Wish we could go for coffee again. …

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