The calling in the mundane…

They were just doing what they always did.
Fishing was how they brought bread to the table, how they survived, but Jesus paused and called. Sweat dripping down their backs, they stood and wiped their brow as his voice penetrated their concentration.

It rose above the sound of the waves, above the demands of their day, this voice, this calling.
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”


He beckoned them from a regular life to follow him in a unique calling.
To something they had never known before. And he saw their potential while they sweated over the fishing nets. I can’t imagine that they were especially poetic or spiritual, but he knew their hearts and abilities.
In fact, I think he had prepared them for this day.

My todo list today is full.
Tomatoes sit in boxes in my kitchen begging to be canned.
My bulging fridge needs to be cleaned.
My four children will need to be held, fed, guided through the day. Squabbles settled, attitudes guided, chores accomplished and stories read.
Cleaning, working, raising hearts. But it is here that he calls me, in my normal day.
To something deeper. More meaningful.
Something eternal.


Let’s embrace this calling, right in the midst of our messy day.
Let’s live well, with all our hearts.
Such menial, little moments in which eternity is lived.
It is for moments like this that we were created.


3 thoughts on “The calling in the mundane…

  1. This resonated with me. I’ve been thinking about that as a wife and mother. There are many mundane things calling, and underneath, is the whisper of the still small voice. It’s easy for me to miss that. I have a sick baby right now, and I find it’s in the trenches that what I believe comes out. His grace IS sufficient!

  2. Oh, such good, good words. I just came in from trying to rock my baby to sleep in an inviting hammock but alas, he wasn’t as thrilled with an evening outside. So I came in, slightly perturbed that my baby wasn’t matching my schedule and wishes. Just read this and now I feel like I can exhale, be calm, and start again with renewed grace. Thank you for sharing.

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