Sometimes I see God’s provision best in retrospect.
The story seems clearer from the next chapter.
And today I am reminded to sit still and wait.
To trust, knowing that He sees all, and does it well.


It’s a crazy season here in our little world.
Last night I was exhausted. I felt like I had corralled a herd all day and come evening time, the stampede simply ran wild. I thought of sipping a quiet cup of coffee alone at the local coffee shop- but knew it would be too lonely. I thought of ten years from now when the high pitched squeals of delight will be matured into intellectual conversations instead of the tussling and tattling. And then, I surprised myself by missing these blender like moments. Well, almost.

Then Daniel set his books aside and prepared a pot of hot chocolate and we all sipped and savored his break from books. It was like slipping down deep into the depths of a hot tub, the tired muscles relax and everything that was strung too tight loosens. Breathes again.

Blankets are strewn chaotically around the fireplace where sleepover #39 happened last night, and countless books were read by the white Christmas lights on the mantle. When Daniel left at 4 AM this morning for another weekend lab, I stuck a pot of steel cut oats on the fireplace ledge to slowly cook while the munchkins slept. This morning it was perfect.

Alannah just brought her doll to the oatmeal breakfast around the cozy fireplace.
“My baby was missing out on the party!”
Just like that, I knew her words were for me. I don’t want to miss out on the party.
I’m checking back into this crazy life of ours.


5 thoughts on “Retrospect

  1. Beautiful ,Melissa. I was there like 18 years ago…And now am more on the the side of “intellectual conversations” ! 🙂 It happens faster than you expect thro those intense “long” days. Yes, just grab those hot chocolate moments ,amidst the chaos….It all adds up to a beautiful whole in the long run. Sometimes in those chaotic/crazy, wild days, Dale and I would say to each other, “These are the best days of our lives!! 🙂 God bless, Lucinda

  2. Love your perspective…I’m in the same crazy life you are and checked out this Monday at the coffee shop alone… I just needed some quiet moments and it was a rare night that Rodney was caught up with his school work and told me I could go.
    I know these years will fly by… I need to keep your perspective!

  3. Just read this on a Monday morning following a full weekend of family/Christmas celebration. The house looks like a tornado went through and I’m not sure *where* to start attacking the chaos. Our middle daughter is on the couch, sick. Even as I sigh, though, the littlest climbs on my lap for a snuggle. I breath in the scent of her curls and feel myself begin to relax. I, too, want to be present at the party. Thanks for the timely reminder. ♡

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