He loves anyway

Some days the cold presses hard.
From without, sometimes from within.

We reach for warmth, and find he is there, waiting for us. Thawing our frozen edges, melting what was icy and hard.

17457272_10210307070545158_1434743508519920686_nAnd I stand there, in front of his piercing but inviting heat, in silence. And I’m struck at the acceptance. In all my needs, in all my sharp icy edges, in all my needs, I’m loved. 

I’m cherished.
I’m forgiven, even before I find the right words. Before I’m able to articulate my needs, he knows and loves anyway.

This is our God.

Faithful, gentle, patient, understanding. So much more than we could ever deserve. He is abundance in the moment of our deepest need. 

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