Steady in the crazy…

I was THAT mom today.
Aldi aisles resembled a war zone with frantic hurricane fearing folks pulling essentials off shelves. I navigated my cart and four children through the chaos and waged my own war: juggling my shopping list, sanity, and four sets of eyes seeing endless tempting things. More than once I caught people watching me, a smirk on their face. One eager shopper overheard the next item on my list and eagerly pointed it out.
“I don’t know why they keep it so low on the shelf…”
I nodded gratefully and added the Swiss cheese to my groaning cart.

I heard myself answer a question with “something yummy,” and rewound in my mind the question the three year old had asked. While my answer ended up being rational, I felt like I was losing my mind, one question at a time. It’s no wonder they sell cheap roses at the check out- to reward exhausted mothers for arriving at the finish line.
It’s perhaps less guilt ridden than a bar of chocolate.

It had been quite a day.
Attempting a pre vacation shopping trip of three stores, four children and pressure to get home and pack was perhaps unwise.
Necessary, but unwise.

I turned the key in the ignition and it clicked dully.
My forehead leaned on the steering wheel.
Really? Today?
But God sent two angel mothers back to their neighboring vehicle and jumper cables ministered their life. It was a close call, but I was reminded the rest of the day to be thankful.

21317952_10211730019157984_1266484659137914820_n (1)

I turned my bulging minivan into the splash pad parking lot and the children piled out, dumb struck at the sudden stroke of luck. As I watched them squeal and dart through the spray, I was reminded to slow down. To let the stress roll away and notice the blue sky. The deer that sauntered across the far end of the lawn.

The two girls giggle and laugh from their beds and the 9 year old sits next to me on the couch, a mountain of laundry between us. He’s facing the hard elements of emotions wanting to toss him high and low. As I explain how Jesus is steady and consistent, how he holds us when life throws us hard stuff, my own words speak to my heart.
Let the hard moments go, and embrace to good ones.
Laugh with the baby, dance in the sunshine.

Jesus holds us steady no matter how we feel.

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