Don’t be Pinterest Perfect

Beautiful moments happen. Pause and drink deeply of the taste of heaven here on earth. There are so many gifts in the little moments.
In the lilt of a song.
In the wind in the trees.
In the ways eyes glitter just before the laughter comes.

But the pressure to create a Pinterest perfect image threatens to strangle even the simplest joys. We can never measure up to the next ideal. The voices around us demand more and more, and we live feeling like a failure.

But, there is freedom in imperfection. There is room to breathe where grace lives full and free. Relationships grow strong in soil that welcomes you as you are, not that resents what you are not.

Today I caught this perfect moment, with stunning latte art by my brother in law and my sister’s gentle hands. I held my breath and snapped. And there is was.
But God smiles at me when the latte is drunk, the flowers dried dead and tossed in the trash. He sees potential where I see failure.

God doesn’t see the way we do.
Don’t try to be Pinterest perfect.
Celebrate when it happens, but embrace the beauty of real moments.
Of the raw. Embrace honesty and humility.
Dance because you are loved for who you are, and not for how you perform.

You are safe because you are loved.

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