The Redeemer of all things broken..

I still don’t understand how it happened.
Last night one child and I found ourselves facing off over a most unexpected situation.

What was started in jest U-turned into angry words and dead ended into deep sobs.
We both wondered “how on earth could that simple cup of milk end up being the source of a full blown relationship battle?”

But you know what?
It ended up with me sitting on a stool in the kitchen, holding the sobbing child.
Being the comforter when we’d been defaulting to odds all day.
I’ve been praying for a miracle, for deepening, for hope in this relationship.
And we ended up laughing and talking bluntly how we’d felt and what we had meant, not as it was taken. It even went so far as when we were retelling the situation to a concerned Daddy that we explained it from the other’s point of view.

Yes, tears were still wet on the eyelashes and hearts still felt salty raw.
But we looked at each other, this child and I, in deeper love and commitment.


Today I’m walking in the fresh reality that God can use even a mistake to glue hearts together. And that there is hope when I feel hopeless.
He is the Redeemer of all things broken.

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  1. This was beautifully written.

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