Fall comes in slowly

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I really didn’t feel like decorating for fall. It has been such a whirlwind summer, with trips that spanned thousands of miles and flights out of the country, and then my littlest sister married and moved out of state. Our family is incredibly close, and my children adored Tia Amy. And then my last unmarried sister Gretta moved “down under” to Australia. It’s pushing this idea of supporting and cheering my sisters on to the max. We’ve all tried to be brave, but it has meant lots of deep breaths, some tears, and sad moments, I’ll be honest.

I wanted to cling to summer as long as I could.
I winked at the leaves that have started gathering on the sidewalk, and held my breath. I felt caught between two season, two emotions, two chapters.
I didn’t want the last one to end, but the page was turning on its own.


I love fall. I really do. It smells of spiced cider and pumpkin pie and family gatherings around loaded tables. Candles are lit and huge leaf piles are raked and host grand jumping parties. I even love the colors, the browns and soft creams and even sage. I just do not want to think about winter yet. I’m not ready to hold my breath that long.

But recently, one of my favorite bloggers, the “Nester” has been putting these fresh little inspirations just where I needed them. Simple beauty isn’t forced. I don’t need to fill my house with cheap plastic pumpkins in order to embrace the season. I don’t have to go to the craft store and pile my cart high with artificial leaves and branches that will end up in a tote in the garage in a few months.

I’ll confess- I hadn’t even really planned on decorating for fall, aside from a branch here and there. But one day, as I launched into homeschool planning for the next year, I knew I needed a fun, fresh inspiration for me, something not school, food or mommy chore related.

So I did it- I purchased her book “The Cozy Minimalist.”  It’s price has dropped in Amazon right now, so if you’ve been needing a fresh boost, this may be just the thing.


I’d loved her book “The Nesting Place” and I had a feeling this next book was just the dose I needed. And until tomorrow, October 3, she is throwing in the perk of her online course on how to decorate for the four seasons, just for the joy of it. It is delightful, simple yet inspiring and well worth your time.


I love her focus on natural beauty, and using what grows around us to bring the season into our home. I deeply appreciate that she isn’t telling us to go buy expensive things, but to be intentional, and thoughtful about what we do. I don’t expect my home to look remotely like hers, but I’m enjoying catching the spill over from her inspiration.

42948948_543067466115233_3958187764880506880_nToday a few busy mammas gathered at my house, and we watched the fall episode. It was calming and inspiring, in spite of the constant noise and energy generated from our collective 28 children. I think we all felt a bit like we got a hug, a pat on the shoulder, and gentle reminder that we don’t have to be crazy or stressed to make our homes fall festive.

I took my daughter to a local farmers market, and delighted in their wide spread of heirloom pumpkins. My Walmart only carries the traditional school bus orange ones, and I was so ready for something new.

I’m reveling in my new natural decor. And my friend brought me a unique orange pumpkin that sprung up voluntarily in her garden. It now welcomes people at my front door. It is oblong and unlike any other pumpkin I’ve seen. It feels like me- one of a kind, but worth delighting in because of that.

Maybe your year has been a huge one, like mine.
Maybe you have just wanted to hibernate and wake up in the spring.
But these next few months are really beautiful ones and maybe you just need some inspiration.


I want to be present.
Present for my children’s lives.
Present when they are laughing and carefree, present when they are sad.

I want to be intentional. To slow down and breath deep this crisp fall air.
To savor today, just for the joy of it.

And don’t forget, her book  “The Cozy Minimalist”   is at a great price right now, and through tomorrow includes her 4 seasons course… If you are like me, you won’t regret it.



Top photos belong to The Nester, and this post contains affiliate links, which I may earn a teeny bit from if you click on. But honestly, I’m not paid to do this post, and just want to share the beauty and joy with you, because the season of fall is beautiful and worth celebrating.

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  1. Love fall as well for all of the reasons you mentioned. Yes for the natural décor! I enjoy decorating with flowers, plants, and now that it’s fall, pumpkins. Your daughter is so cute with her ice cream!!

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