Why we love Teaching Textbooks 3.0

This is my honest opinion of Teaching Textbooks, which I have shared with anyone looking for a math program since we discovered it. Teaching Textbooks has given me 3.0 access this year for my students in exchange for this review. But honestly, my review wasn’t tainted by the exchange- because we love this program so much! 😉


Warm sunshine is streaming through my bedroom window where,
on my bed, I have school planners and schedules and so many ideas spread across the white bedspread.

Summer has simply flown by, and even before the hottest days are past, I want to have our school plan all laid out. We are making some big curriculum changes this year,
but one thing remains the same: math.


I’m so deeply grateful to have found a math program that self grades, is interactive and fun for the kids while allowing me to peek in on their progress and see grades without having to sit down with them each day and monitor progress. Teaching Textbooks has been a huge answer to prayer for me. Last year we got to use the 3.0 version (online vs disks) for the first time and it was amazing.


Here are 6 reasons why we loved Teaching Textbooks 3.0 last year:
1) Freedom of location
The biggest change with the 3.0 is that we were no longer bound to our home computer and to always having the right disks on hand. There were no issues with disks getting lost or scratched. Wherever there was internet, we had access to our Teaching Textbooks through our personal logins. When I took my kids to Grandma’s house during school hours, it was no hiccup to school progress. They simply logged on and picked right back where they had left off. This was HUGE. 3.0 can even be used on an iPad or a smartphone. Think long hours in the van shuffling kids to and from soccer practice, waiting for siblings to finish swimming lessons, even on long trips – it is all at your fingertips as long as you have internet. 
2) New Customization
We still had all the familiar Teaching Textbook format that we loved but with more options. My kids enjoyed the customization that new wallpaper and buddies allowed them. It was like meeting a whole new group of friends, and they loved it. Even my little girlies would often hang around the bigger kids, always hoping to catch some of the buddy antics. 
3) Teacher Control
3.0 allows the teacher to have more control over options like hints and second chances. Does your student rely too heavily on second chances? You have the freedom to go in and change the settings with a simple click of a button.
4) Schedule Control
When you sign up for TT 3.0, you immediately have 12 months of access to that grade for your student and they allow for 3 month pause time. Are you planning a vacation to Italy mid-school year? No problem! Simply log in and enter the dates to pause your subscription. 
5) Lifetime Storage
3.0 also has lifetime grade storage, so if your computer crashes, your grades are safe. Even after your subscription ends, you can still log on and access your student’s grades.
6) Family Package
With the release of 3.0, Teaching Textbooks now offers a family package, which is a fantastic option for families with 4-8 students. We have a few years till our fourth child will be working numbers on a computer so this will have to wait for us. 
According to their website, “…We also wanted the pricing structure to yield new advantages for larger families, those with 4 to 8 children. So we decided to cap the total annual cost to these families at $199.08. 

This means that large families can now convert everyone over to TT at a cost that is very close to the price of just one TT high school level 2.0 (physical) set. Also, there is no financial penalty as the number of children (within the plan) rises. In fact, the more children you have, the lower the per-child cost. Do the math and you will see that for a family of 8, the per-child cost is now only around $25 per year!”


My two eager prospective TT students, who can’t wait to be big enough to do it too. 😀If you have been itching to give Teaching Textbooks a try, they offer a free 3.0 trial. You will be able to try the first 15 lessons of any level of Teaching Textbooks (and yes, more than one level is allowed) before buying! The free trial does not require a credit card and does work for the first 15 lessons with no time limit. Teaching Textbooks is offering a giveaway to one subscriber to my blog via the Rafflecopter giveaway. I’d love for you to win a year’s access to the 3.0, and I hope it will be every bit as happy as a discovery for your family as it has been for mine.The giveaway will run from 07/26/2019 – 08/01/2019 and there are lots of ways to enter!

Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

So I’m shuffling through my planners and yearly school goals for my students,
but thankfully math is one subject I don’t need to give a second thought to.
I already know what fits, and I’m thrilled to be a 3.0 user again this year.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristina M says:

    Great blog post about a great program! Thank you!

  2. El says:

    We absolutely love Teaching Textbooks. At least one subject that gives my children an excellent education without me having to be so smart.

  3. Rose says:

    We love Teaching Textbooks. It was such a load lifted to find this self grading, curriculum, complete with tutorials.

  4. Linda Stoltzfus says:

    We’re hoping to give Teaching Textbooks a try for high school algebra!

  5. Rosalyn says:

    I’d love to try this, mostly because I wouldn’t have to deal with CDs🤣

  6. Crystal J Hochstetler says:

    My oldest will be starting Teaching Textbooks this fall!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Sounds interesting and can’t wait to look into it!

  8. Sharon T says:

    I’ve only seen it for older grades so I’m excited to try it for my littles!

  9. Glenda Martin says:

    We already love our TT cds. I’d love to try the 3.0 version!

  10. Jody says:

    I used a free trial this past school year for my child, highly recommend!

  11. Anne Weaver says:

    Teaching Textbooks was the answer to end our Math struggles! I’m needing 11th grade or Algebra 1 for this year!

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