When All is Holy

Lord, sometimes we don’t have words.
Sometimes we see clearly that we are not enough. That our needs engulf the opportunities around us.
How can mortal flesh reach in and touch the soul?
Human hands reaching for the heart can only connect with heartbeats when filled with You.

Sometimes we can plow impressively through lists and obstacles and conflict.
Other times we curl up in a ball, and go limp.
But even here, You ARE.


You are Holy, in the face of our lack. You are our breath, when we’ve gasped one last time.
You are our hope, when the wind has been completely knocked out of us.
In the face of each of our impossibilities, our gaping wounds or staggering weakness, You stand.
You wrap us close.
You pull us in.

You are not daunted by our mortality or shaken by our valleys.
In the face of everything that scares us spitless, You stand strong. Safe. Secure. You ARE.
So we thank you for these moments so bitter, that reminds us to look beyond our nothingness and see Your awesome, unshakable character.
I look up and see, You are enough.
I take a deep, shuddering breath and stand to my feet.
In this place, in this moment, all is holy.
Because You are here.

Psalm 73:25
Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Charity says:

    These words ministered to my soul, thanks for sharing!

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