When the World Falls Apart

Dear Mamas,

The world has fallen apart over night and people are frenzied to get that next pack of toilet paper and last three cans of veggies into their pantry. The stock market is about as solid as a fishing bobber tied to a wiggly worm. Dark clouds loom on the horizon. The world that Instagram had painted is gone overnight.

People are terrified.

Others couldn’t care less.

In a world falling apart, let’s remember- our children are watching. Do they see us terrified and hanging on each news article and sleepless at night?

The tide comes and goes, the panic rises and falls. I KNOW it is real and affects us, each in different ways. A friend of mine waits in limbo to pick up her child in China, a daughter grown in her heart but not yet cradled in her arms. Another mother hovers over her daughter with a new heart sewn into her chest -this pandemic makes things extra touchy for her daughter’s health. More than ever, we need to be sensitive and wise. AND calm.

We can be sensitive and aware. We can build immune systems and wash hands and use common sense. But mothers, we have little eyes watching us, listening to our heart beat, watching our steps. We can make the most of this historical moment by showing our children that come what may, God IS.

Fear is contagious. But so is joy. We can reassure these little ones that all is calm and bright by our presence.

And by our trust.

This morning I woke up to a green world freshly washed with rain. The phlox in the flowerbed are pushing delicate purple faces into the winter hazed world. Yesterday I pulled weeds and uncovered my herbs -alive and well. Today I’m lost in dreams of a garden this year.

Maybe we should show them that the cold of winter is losing it’s grip on us all. That sunshine is worth its weight in gold. That faith isn’t dependent on the headlines or health of the masses. May the peace that passes understanding steady our hearts and keep us anchored to the One who can calm the storm with a word.

Perhaps the world hasn’t fallen apart. Maybe it was broken to begin with and these shakings can help us discover what our lives are really founded on.

Pull them close, these little ones, and smile. God’s got this.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherri says:

    Amen. Thank you for writing this! Gods people should be showing the world HOPE, not more of their own frenzy. And we do have an eternal, beautiful hope to give them!!

  2. Cheryl Newswanger says:

    Thank you so much for this! May I share it?

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