I have a dream

I have a dream.

I dream of a country where all people are truly equal, and where skin shades are viewed as powerful expressions of God’s love for diversity.

I dream of a country where truth and love are the goal, not fame or wealth. Where human trafficking isn’t swept under the rug and where suicide rates are noticed and intervened on.

I dream of a country where all people have a right to speak, and would do so with love and authority given them by God.

I dream of a country where people have the maturity to agree to disagree and value other perspectives without shaming others to comply with their narrative.

I dream of a country where people are free. Free to choose what medical procedures they want and which ones they do not want.

I dream of a country where not only interventions are created, but prevention is the first step. Where we wouldn’t just fix illness, but first prevent as many as possible.

I dream of a country where the government is created to serve the people, not force them into compliance.

I dream of something that may be long gone.
Perhaps I dream of something that never really was, quite.
I dream of a land true and free, where all belong and all value each other.

The reason I carry this dream deep in my heart is because God made us all in His image.
He made us to long for life lived in true freedom, with open heavens and a world wide open to explore.

While Heaven and all it’s purity is just around the corner, we have work to do now.
By the grace of God, we will teach our little ones to reach for a life of not settling for compromise.

We will teach them to love all people.

We will teach them to recognize truth and turn away from deception.
Not only will we speak out against sin, but we will show them firsthand what repentance and humility look like.
We will value the sanctity of life- the life of the unborn, and the born.
And by all means, we will show them we will stand up in courage and fight for truth, for the weak and wounded.

We are not made for this world, but for a heavenly one.
We were sent here for such a time as this.
We have no voice if we do not use it.

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  1. Tony says:

    My heart resonates deeply with this. Well said.

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