Behind the Well Known Story, There’s More

I’ve grown up around Bible stories. Every Sunday school, morning devotional and church service were connected to the Bible. I knew my mom’s faded and worn Bible nearly as well as I did her comforting and familiar hands. Hands that made me breakfast, washed my hair and tucked me into bed. Her Bible and hands were always there. And the stories from within those pages are painted on the walls of my childhood memories.

But I’m still discovering stories in new contexts and stumbling over a detail I’d somehow missed that changes the scenario completely from the story my childish mind had painted.

It is the easiest thing in the world to let my mind slip into auto drive as I read, to cruise along the old familiar landmarks and overlook the hidden gems along the way.

God places value in our journey and the discovery of age old truths that are vibrant and life changing for us, here in our specific season. Of motherhood, of marriage, of unsettled times in the world.

You know the story where the disciples had fished all night and caught nothing? I always imagined the exhaustion and disappointment. But this morning I read this story with the context of the previous chapter. Jesus had just been crucified, buried, then raised and appeared to some of them, but not all.

Imagine the defeat pulsing their weary veins.

Their Master gone, these battle worn men went back to the old life they knew- fishing. Back to feeding bodies, not souls. Had it all been a waste? Where had their following Jesus led them- here, to an endless and worthless night of failed fishing? Were they good at anything anymore?

The exhaustion was deeper than one night of missed sleep. It was the deep pain of having watched their beloved leader go through the unthinkable and the story ending so completely differently than they expected. It was the bitterness of failure.

We all go through times like this, where life deals us a horrific blow and we feel all the wind sucked from our lungs. Where by all appearances it seems we have been forgotten by the very One we’ve sold out to.

Are you in the endless night of no fish? Are you exhausted as the sun comes up over the water, mocking your fruitless night with nothing to show for your work? It’s real, I know.

But Jesus shows up. Perhaps you don’t even recognize Him at first. He tells you to cast your net on the other side, but are you willing? Are you brave enough to try again and to take another step of faith, even after you’ve been beaten and worn all night long?

The miracle of the massive load of fish too big to haul in came AFTER the crucifixion, AFTER the deepest heartache these men had ever known.

At the place of utter defeat came the sunrise of miracles unfolded. In the moment of utter brokenness, Jesus appears. When we think the story is over, it’s just beginning.

Remember, HE is holding the pen, HE is writing the final part to the stories of our lives. He who has begun a good work in us, planted the deep desire for good and truth and freedom is not done with us. The pages aren’t filled yet. His pen is poised, ready and full of hope. He will be faithful to complete the story of hope He began in us.

Have courage. The story isn’t over yet.

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  1. Mama of many says:

    I just heard a message on this very passage on Sunday that I loved but now seeing your blog I’m convicted to look deeper again at what God is speaking. Thank you, I love your heart.

  2. Sara Troyer says:

    This is so perfect. Exactly what I needed after the sudden death of my dear Dad.

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