About me

Being vulnerable isn’t easy.
Like Lisa Jo Baker said,
“Being real will cost us being perceived as perfect,
but will always be worth the investment.”


Life gets messy.
We make mistakes.
We fall on our faces, and we fall hard.
We need to be honest.
To know that others fall too.
And that Jesus gathers all of us in His arms,
and uses our failures to taste more deeply the joy of His redemption.

And that is my goal for this blog.
A place for you to come and be inspired to press on, to reach higher,
to be honest about the hard things you face,
and see how God wants to use them for his glory.

‘Cause this life is worth living with JOY.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Melissa,
    I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again. Thank you, thank you for letting us learn from you. I so appreciate the sacrifice you make when you let us see into your heart. Thank you for letting God change you into His image day by day, and for sharing with us what He’s teaching you. You are a gifted communicator.
    Love and THANKS from rosesniffer

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and have been so blessed by it. Thank you so much for taking the time! I think we have some not-so-mutal friends, but we won’t go into the Mennonite game 🙂
    I was wondering if I could repost something from your blog? I read “The Terror and Delight of Baptism” just before I was to be baptized and it spoke straight to my fears of such a huge commitment. Could I repost it to my blog?

    Keep Leaning on the ROCK!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to say that your blog is beautiful, has been such a blessing to me since I discovered it a few months ago (and I read through most of the archives). Your pen flows with His Spirit. It is always refreshing to see your honesty, and see so clearly God’s strength working in you. I’ve cried and rejoiced with you, and thought it was time to let you know what a blessing it is, and introduce myself real quick.

    You probably don’t remember me, but I’m the oldest daughter of Michael & Angela Donaldson, and they attended Cleveland from 1998-2002 or so (we moved to WA state after that). Shanna used to come over and help my mom with her many littles (they had 6 children under 9 when they moved, they now have been blessed with a total of 14), and we have sweet memories of your whole family. I was pen-pals with Gretta for a couple years, and we heard and prayed when Isaac went to glory, but haven’t kept in touch much since, so this has been a precious peek for me.

    Anyways, thank you for this beautiful blog, and for glorifying our Saviour through it. May His richest blessings be poured upon you.

    In Christ,


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