I wish I could pour you a pottery mug brimming with hot coffee and settle on the couch to chat instead of sharing via a screen.
You would look around at our 100 year old fixer upper house- still mid-process,
hear the chaotic noise of my four vibrant children,
and know you are welcome here, in the middle of our noise and mess.

I love laughing with my children, drinking coffee with friends, the feeling of having arrived at the top of a mountain (the climb, not so much)
and connecting deeply with people.


I also love to make the most of what I have, tastefully repurpose a solid but outdated piece of furniture, or find high quality items hidden in the thrift store rack.

I am a minimalist wanna be, an part time DIY-er, and delight in finding clearance plants at Lowes that just need some love and attention.

I’ve experienced a lot of loss in my life-
my trauma surgeon dad died of cancer when I was just twelve,

my 19 year old brother drowned in a freak accident just a month after my oldest was born, and we’ve buried 5 little babies who beat us to heaven.
So finding hope after deep shattering loss often works its way into my writings.

My husband Daniel is in school full time right now, as well as working full time.
His “spare” moments are never spare, but he carves out time for me and the children, so we can all get a small sweet dose of “daddy” time. We have another 5-6 years of school ahead of us, and to be honest, at times that looks quite overwhelming.

This means I solo parent a lot of the time. We focus small, and are learning to intentionally embrace the season of now-
with all it’s challenges and blessings.

I hope the stories I share will encourage you, that you can make it too,
even if it is just focusing on life one semester, one season, or one baby at a time.

I believe passionately in being real, honest and safe.
Pinterest perfection presses hard these days, and threatens to suffocate us with the strangling game of comparison. I’m on a mission to inspire and encourage each of us to live fully, authentically right where we are.

Being vulnerable isn’t easy- I love Lisa Jo Baker’s words,
“Being real will cost us being perceived as perfect,
but will always be worth the investment.”

As a busy mom to my lively children (who keep me both on my toes and on my knees)
I know mothering is a constant seesaw between the beauty and the hard moments.

I love to share our stories and encourage others on the same journey.
I don’t pretend to be perfect. Rather, I want you to know how IMperfect we are over here, and yet how beautiful life can be- here in our mess.

Thank you for joining me here.
Need a refill of coffee? Yeah, me too.

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  1. SSGross says:

    By you blog, ur doing what I did when I lost my mom, but mine was all hang written, — God bless you! — from the beautiful state of Washington.

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