About this blog

This blog was born way back in 2007
when my husband and I moved to the mission field, far from my family.
This was my approach to staying in touch with them and doubling as the ‘mission newsletter’
in hopes of making it a more personal way for people to stay connected to us, and our little family.

I blogged through our move, life in Central America, the arrival of our Weston,
the drowning of my best friend and brother Isaac and the dark times that followed.
I found that in writing I was express my heart, when speaking the words was ever so hard. I asked hard questions, and not only did I survive,
God gently showed me He was able to withstand my hardest questions.
I don’t pretend to understand it all, but I am thoroughly convinced that He IS good,
and that He uses these hard things in life to make us more and more like him.
And that makes all the sweat and tears so worth it.

One thought on “About this blog

  1. By you blog, ur doing what I did when I lost my mom, but mine was all hang written, — God bless you! — from the beautiful state of Washington.

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